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"ÇKA KA QËLLU" restaurant serves a modern selection of most popular and most loved dishes of albania and kosovo cuisine as well as the mouth watering desserts. we serve not only healthy but also nutritious food for you and your family. all servings are prepared and cooked by our well-experienced and passionate chefs in our kitchen here at çka ka qëllu.

Latest News

Albanian Rhapsody A neglected cuisine gets a showcase in the Bronx.

Although the Underground Gourmet has dined at countless Albanian restaurants over the years, we haven’t eaten much Albanian food. How, you ask, while drawing air... Read More

From a Pizza Oven
in the Bronx,
Albanian Specialties

The layers keep rising, spooned into the round pan not in full moons but in alternating rays like the sun’s, gossamer dough then melted cheese, with bouts in the oven in between... Read More

A Deep-End Albanian Experience, Tucked
Into the Bronx

The best way to enter the Albanian restaurant Cka Ka Qellu, if not the most direct, starts on Arthur Avenue. Arrive before the fish shops along this famous...Read More

Ky restorant shqiptar
po "çmend" amerikanët
me gatimet

Ky restorant quhet "Çka Ka Qellu" dhe është hapur nga Ramiz Kukaj. Në këtë artikull të "New York Times" shkruhet se aty gjen një koleksion të madh ...Read More